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Tips & tricks to simplify your home selling journey

by Carolyn Goffar 05/15/2023

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Preparing to sell your home is a huge undertaking, which can be stressful at times, both for new and seasoned home sellers. 

However, with the right preparation and patience, you can sail into the process with ease and relieve some stressors along the way.  

Make simple fixes

Before you consider making bigger home renovations, take a moment to make small fixes around the home. Perhaps repairing the door that gets stuck in the winter time or fixing the blinds that creak when you open them. Fixing the little things adds up and can contribute to a better impression of your home from potential homebuyers.  

Get a professional home inspection

Taking the time to get a home inspection before listing can be a game-changing experience for your home sell. An inspection can alert you to structural issues or other problems you may have not known about, allowing you time to make needed repairs before potential buyers view the property.  


When potential buyers can picture themselves living in a property, it may increase their chances of moving forward with purchasing the home. However, having all of your personal belongings lying around can make this difficult.  

When you depersonalize your space, you give the area more of a neutral tone, which can leave the home feeling more comfortable for a diverse set of homebuyers. Depersonalizing the space may include taking down household photos, hobby figurines, religious items and more. 

Rearrange & declutter to open up the rooms

In addition to depersonalizing the space, it’s essential to rearrange and clean your personal items for potential homebuyers to view. This may include putting items into storage to create more open floor space. 

You may also need to rearrange furniture to open up the area even further, so it’s easier to walk through and view the property. 

By using the aforementioned times and collaborating with professionals such as a real estate agent, you can smoothly navigate through the home selling process.

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